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Lifting the Game in Fitness Franchising: The Stepz Fitness Story

Expanding Horizons in 2023: Stepz Fitness Rouse Hill, Salamander Bay, Lake Macquarie, Gungahlin

In the dynamic world of fitness franchising, Stepz Fitness stands out as a pioneer in Australia, having introduced the country’s first and only hybrid gym model. This innovative approach combines the convenience of 24/7 gym access with the effectiveness of functional group fitness, offering an unmatched experience for fitness enthusiasts. With a growing network that now includes over 25,000 members and 20 locations nationwide, Stepz Fitness has firmly established itself among the top 10 fitness franchises in Australia.

The Evolution of a Fitness Leader

The transformation of Stepz Fitness into a leading fitness franchise is largely credited to Sam Waller. After years as a successful franchisee in Brisbane, Waller took over as franchisor in 2017, propelling the brand into a new era with his strategic vision. Under his leadership, Stepz Fitness earned finalist positions in the AUSactive Awards for Franchise of the Year in both 2022 and 2023.

Waller’s motivation for adopting the hybrid model stemmed from a desire to address the growing obesity problem in Australia, despite the country’s significant spending on gym memberships. He recognized the effectiveness of functional group fitness but also saw the enduring appeal of 24/7 gym access. By merging these two concepts, Stepz Fitness offers a more comprehensive service to its members.

Catering to Diverse Needs

Stepz Fitness stands out for its dual membership model. The 24/7 access option, priced at $16.95 per week, is ideal for budget-conscious and time-poor individuals. Meanwhile, the $29.95 weekly functional training membership includes classes like HIIT, boxing, and yoga, catering to those seeking structured fitness programs.

Technology and equipment play a crucial role in enhancing the member experience at Stepz Fitness. Members can track their progress, view workouts on screens, and access online classes. Furthermore, the gyms are designed to be non-intimidating and welcoming, particularly for women, retirees, and first-time gym-goers.

A Strong Business Model for Franchisees

For entrepreneurs, Stepz Fitness offers a lucrative business model. The hybrid approach not only provides a unique market position but also ensures a steady revenue stream. The franchise model includes comprehensive support in areas such as leasing, HR, marketing, and hiring. Additionally, Stepz Fitness stands out for its low start-up costs and guaranteed finance support for qualified franchisees.

The Stepz Fitness Story: From Personal Trainer to Franchise Leader

Sam Waller’s journey with Stepz Fitness began in 2009 when he first stepped into a Stepz gym as a personal trainer. His passion for health and fitness led him to own the franchise a few years later. Despite initially dropping out of university, Waller later completed a law degree to enhance his business skills, particularly useful in the franchising world.

Expansion and Regional Impact

Under Waller’s direction, Stepz Fitness has experienced significant growth, with four new gyms opened in 2023 at Rouse Hill, Salamander Bay, Lake Macquarie, and Gungahlin, and more in the pipeline. The focus on regional expansion has allowed Stepz Fitness to bring high-quality fitness facilities to local communities, often with less competition and better rent deals.

A Personal Mission and the Hybrid Concept

For Waller, Stepz Fitness is more than just a business; it’s about making a positive impact on people’s lives. The hybrid model, combining 24/7 access with functional group fitness, has set Stepz Fitness apart in the fitness industry, ensuring its long-term success and unique market position.


With its innovative approach, community focus, and commitment to quality and accessibility, Stepz Fitness is not just another gym franchise. It’s a holistic fitness solution dedicated to helping Australians live healthier, happier lives.

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