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    • 24 Hour Gyms in Brisbane and Sydney

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    1. DIY QuickStart Programs™
    2. Intimidation Free
    3. Stepz Clean Gym Reporting System
    4. Passionate Owners
    5. Our pricing has a ‘No Surprises guarantee’

    That’s only 5 reasons why you will enjoy our gyms better than any others! – There are more that you’ll find out about when you join our growing community!

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    Normally, access to our QuickStart Programs™ is priced at $149 for non-members, however, if you become a Stepz Fitness Member today, you can get FREE access to ANY of our QuickStart Programs™

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  • Who Are We

     Stepz Fitness is a premier, boutique 24/7 gym franchise which is among the top 10 franchises in it’s class in Australia. Our members have access to a boutique, friendly and non-intimidating gym that is open 24 hours, seven days a week across our 13 locations in Queensland and New South Wales.

    Stepz Fitness has a very competitive pricing model. Our flexible gym options making it appealing to more Australians. We are committed to the results of our members by offering a range of proprietary programs. Quickstart Programs to all our members at no extra cost.

    Stepz Fitness is a brand committed to helping our members become their best.