• Workout With A Stepz Fitness Gym Program™

  • The biggest challenges of being new to the gym is not knowing what to do, or how to workout, or having a gym program to guide you. The quickest and most effective way to get started is to utilise some personal training to get yourself the education and instructions needed to get going with a workout program.  However, this can cost a little bit more than you are willing to spend straight away.

    The Exclusive Stepz Fitness QuickStart Programs™ are our answer to this issue. These are Full Featured Professionally Designed Personal DIY Training Programs That Are Specific, Comprehensive and Automated.

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    DISCLAIMER:  There are many factors that affect weight loss and fitness results and we can make no guarantee that individuals attending our training will achieve the same results.

      • Female Gym Junkie Program™

        For those ladies who want to take their fitness to the next level and get ripped FEMALE STYLE! This program will help build and maintain all the tone and definition you like. With 3 levels of intensity you can choose how far you want to take your body for the look you want.

      • Male Gym Junkie Program™

        Get ripped and maintain it, with this bulk muscle building focused male program. 3 Levels of intensity ensure that you can choose just how far you want to take your body to get the ultimate look you’ve been after.

      • Baby Body Recovery Gym Program™

        Designed just for mum’s, the baby body recovery program will help you get back into your pre-baby body or better in only 8 weeks.

      • Cardio Commando Gym Program™

        Doing cardio intense sports and want to dominate the pack? Designed to build ultimate cardio fitness, the cardio commando program will help you achieve ultimate cardio fitness to let you last longer and out perform your competition.

      • Career Elevator Gym Program™

        Thinking clearer and being more productive is exactly what you can expect by using this program. It’s designed to help clear the clutter in you mind and body and help you perform better while at work so you can get that pay rise, or new position you know you deserve.

      • Crusin’ Seniors Gym Program™

        This gentle workout for seniors helps keep the mind and body active and fresh so you can maintain mobility, feel fresher, and keep doing all those things you love!

      • Attention Attractor Gym Program™

        Specifically designed to focus on the abs, arms and overall body tone, this 8 weeks program will have the opposite sex paying A LOT more attention to your ultimate body!