• Membership FAQs

    • When I join, will someone show me around the club?

      Yes, a staff member will give you an induction of the gym equipment as well as show you the security, safety and after hours access procedures of the gym. We have also recruited some of our friendliest local members as volunteers to act as our Stepz ‘Buddy Legends’. They’re members just like you and me but are there to help, or just have a chat! They can show you around and introduce you to others and/or equipment. They know what it’s like to be new and have graciously put there hand up to make your experience less intimidating, and a whole lot more fun at any of our Stepz gyms! You can identify these “Buddy Legends” in the gym by the Special Stepz Orange Sports band on their wrist.

    • Can I access other Stepz Fitness Clubs around Australia?

      Yes, once you’ve joined a Stepz Club on a standard membership, you can gain access to any of the other Stepz Gyms in Queensland and New South Wales.  The first time you want to access another club, please see the club manager during staffed hours, so that they can register your card in their system for that club or ask your own manager to arrange for you.  After that you’re right to enter the club at anytime.
      If you’ve joined under a Special Home club promotion you will only be able to access the home club that you’ve joined.

    • How can I book in with a Personal Trainer?

      Training is the most effective way of achieving your goals and ensuring that your gym membership is fulfilling to you. Our trainers start with where you are at and help you reach your own specific goals. Talk to your gym manager about the best fit for your needs and they will match you with a personal trainer.

    • Can I freeze my membership?

      Yes, you can suspend your membership by letting your club manager know. You can freeze your membership for a minimum of 2 weeks at a time, up to 4 weeks every 12 months at no cost.

    • What is the minimum age to a join Stepz Fitness Club?

      All members must be a minimum of 14 years of age. Members under 18 years of age are to have a parent or guardian co-sign the membership form before their application will be approved. Members who are 16 and under must be accompanied by a personal trainer, guardian or parent to train inside the club.

    • How can I cancel my membership?

      For Flexi Memberships:
      You can cancel at any time by simply coming into you club to complete your cancellation form. There is a 30 days cancellation notice period.

      For No Joining Fee, 12 months memberships:
      To cancel your 12 months membership, we requires a medical certificate stating that you cannot utilise any fitness services or facilities because of your permanent illness or physical incapacity for the remainder of your membership term.
      Or you may elect to pay out the remaining term left on your agreement less 5% of the total amount.

      Short Term Trial memberships:
      If you are on a short term 3 or 7 days Trial membership, you can cancel at any time before you trial period is up.  Simply complete you cancellation form and return your access to the club that you joined at.  If you do not return your access card and complete your cancellation form then you will be charged the access card fee and your membership will commence.

    • Are casual and short term passes available?

      Yes, please speak to the club manager for the best options for you. You can also contact them during staffed hours, click to see contact details here.

    • Who can I speak to regarding my membership or club?

      You can speak to your club manager for any questions you may having regarding your membership or the club. Club contact details can be found on the Contact us page – Here.