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Why Stepz?

Consider this a journey for us too. Stepz started as an inclusive, boutique offering. A gym that welcomes all its members. A safe place; an authentically helpful community. This will never change. It’s in our DNA and sets us apart in an increasingly transactional, high-churn category.

The next natural move for us is in strengthening our audience ties and playing a bigger role in their lives. It’s about going beyond the ‘body’ and addressing overall wellness. Life is more demanding than ever – we have less time and more expected of us. Yet where there are challenges there are opportunities. Amidst the technological takeover, there remains an overwhelming desire to maintain genuine connection – for vital support where and when people need it. Stepz is in the rightful position to take that role.

Gym Franchise Owner - Sam Waller

Meet Daniel

The Stepz Fitness Franchise has been a perfect fit for me. I started out with a small group fitness studio in a warehouse and have since transformed my business into a Group Fitness and 24/7 Gym – Stepz Fitness Dapto. The Franchise support and business operations has helped me grow my business and exceed expectations. I never expected to breakeven in 6 weeks but with the guidance and support of the franchisor and my knowledge in the industry I have built the business of my dreams.


Daniel Hotchkis

Stepz Fitness Dapto Franchisee

With you for the journey

We’re proud to be leaders of our industry, because we partner with people who are just like us. Driven, passionate, success-seeking and all-round nice positive people! When you partner with us you become a part of the family. It’s a unique franchise model focussed on the success of your business.

We’re a team who places top-notch service and safety first. And a team who believes in a ‘togetherness’ approach – working together and supporting each other on the pathway to success.

Stepz Walkthrough

Stepz Fitness utilises high quality gym equipment to assist our members achieve the best results possible.

Matrix is one of our preferred gym equipment suppliers. Each Technogym product is developed thanks to the efforts and research of a team of experts involving engineers, technicians, and designers.

Matrix Research & Development Team collaborates with prestigious universities and numerous research centres world-wide; it comprises engineers, technicians and designers involved in developing prototypes and testing products.

Why join Stepz Fitness?

This is our recipe for a great leader and business partner. With these kind of character traits, we know we’re going to get along just fine!

Join Stepz Fitness Australia

Booming Fitness Industry

The gym and fitness market has seen year on year growth over the last five years. Combined revenue for the industry exceeds $2 billion dollars in Australia. This growth will continue for years to come

Proven Success

Stepz Fitness is among the top 10 franchises in the Australian 24 hour gym market. With a rich 10 year history of business success they will remain a key player in the fitness industry.

Unique Business Model

Stepz offers a unique business model combining 24/7 Gym Access and Group Fitness. We have a huge advantage over competitors in offering both under one roof. This presents a higher yield on investment return via the unique product offering of Group Fitness.

Market Leading Iconic Brand

In 2019 Stepz Fitness has started the rollout of a brand evolution. The new branding was crafted by industry leading brand and marketing strategist. This brand is one of the strongest and most recognisable within the Australian fitness industry. There is huge demand from consumers and stakeholders to be a part of the new brand.

You are just the person we’ve been looking for.

Please get in touch to secure your territory we already have interest across key locations.

We’re Stepz and we’re for life!


Results speak louder

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s some word from our happy clients

Me and my girlfriends have been members for a few months and LOVE THIS PLACE. This gym is like working out with all your mates, no egos just support all round. The team is super professional and I must say one of the best gyms i've ever been a member of.
Melanie McCallum
Melanie McCallum
08:52 12 Oct 20
Nice friendly gym, no egos. Enjoyed all the classes so far.
Johnny Thai
Johnny Thai
00:01 12 Oct 20
I’ve been going here for about 2-3 months now and I have had the best experience ever!The trainers keep their promises, push you and help you through every fitness need.I have enjoyed the energy, the people and the trainers so much.They have helped me get to a better point both physically and mentally! And I can’t thank the team enough.It’s a place that you’ll want to go every day. 🙂
Sinead Healy
Sinead Healy
09:16 09 Oct 20
Amazing staff no matter if it is a personal one on one session, group classes or just walking in, you walk it and it like the biggest cheer up of my day. They know our names and greet us at door with big smiles and are always up for chat. The gym is probably the best part of my day. They are helpful at achieving my goals and are always encouraging. Always clean and always looking after our hygiene and well-being.
Emily Leeming
Emily Leeming
22:37 24 Sep 20
Nice modern gym with welcoming and supportive staff.
Nikolina Vulcik
Nikolina Vulcik
11:38 10 Sep 20
Honestly the best gym I’ve ever been to! The team here are so amazing. They make every member feel like family and genuinely care about helping people achieve their fitness goals. The gym has a great, fresh, welcoming vibe to it. The classes are heaps of fun too!
Kelly Althaus
Kelly Althaus
11:42 15 Jun 20
Love this awesome gym! The group training is a must! Super clean facilities and wide range of state of the art equipment are always there to be used even during peak-hour. Great, friendly staff. Always a joy to work out here when I’m in Penrith. 5/5 ✌️
Max Everest
Max Everest
10:59 04 Nov 19
When I walked into Stepz Fitness in Penrith, I was greeted by Ash the owner with a big warm smile. It made me feel very welcome and happy.He took the time to get to know me, listened to my goals and reassured me that I was going to be apart of a community not just a gym.Great place to train and meet new people!
Jessica Feneley
Jessica Feneley
13:01 13 Aug 19

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