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Gym with no strings attached

Stones Corner Stepz Fitness is young, affordable, friendly and open 24 hours.

Club manager Tyler Brooks takes great pride in his staff’s willingness to help their members and create a friendly atmosphere within the club.

Stepz Fitness Stones Corner opened in 2009 to offer an affordable 24/7 gym to those in the area without lock-in contracts.

Memberships can be paid fortnightly or yearly without having to worry about any contracts.

They also offer all the basic supplements you need to achieve your goals, as well as a free personal training session for all new members.

“The great attitude of the staff and personal trainers and their willingness to help our members is something that a lot of other gyms leave to be desired,” club manager Tyler Brooks said.

“Our clients enjoy being here. It’s a very important part of setting and reaching your health and fitness goals.

“In our time-poor society having a well-equipped gym like Stepz Fitness Stones Corner that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, makes us so much more accessible than other gyms.”

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