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Stepz Fitness and its 22-year-old Master Franchisee

Sam Waller of the Stepz Fitness Club tells Franchise Business his story: becoming a master franchisee, his career goals and why he chose the franchising model. At just 22 years old, and already with a wealth of experience under his belt, how did this all happen?

I have run my own Stepz Fitness Club for two years; however, I sold that to become the master franchisee for NSW as I want to help more people achieve what I have; and run a successful business in the health and fitness industry. Firstly, I do this because I am passionate about helping people feel better about themselves through living a healthy well-balanced lifestyle; and secondly, I love everything about being in business, from the day I left school I have run my own business and therefore it is something that I want to help others with.

What are your goals?

My primary goal in everything I do is to make a difference; firstly, to help Australia become healthier and fitter as a nation. I share a combined vision with Stepz Fitness to help 10 million people get fitter and healthier and we will not stop until this vision is fulfilled. Secondly, I want to help my franchisees achieve their business goals through giving them the tools and mentors they need to allow everyone in my network to achieve daily growth and reach their point of success.

Why the fitness market?

Passion! I want nothing more than to help people live a better life through health and fitness. Something that a lot of people don’t know about me is, I lost 22 kilograms just after I finished school and this small change has given me an unrelenting passion for helping people achieve what I have achieved.

How did you get funding?

I built my first business to a point where it had become very successful, allowing me to leverage the profits I received from the sale of that business into my new opportunity. Before I signed as the master franchisee for Stepz Fitness in NSW, I was a director of Sam Waller Fitness which owned and operated Stepz Fitness St Lucia as well as an online platform and a personal training operation. This company reached its goals within the first year and that’s when I found a drive to help others achieve this same result.

My business partners Steve and Fiona Cumming bought my share in Sam Waller Fitness and continue to run a highly successful operation. Once again I would like to highlight the value of collaboration in business, I believe without their help I would not be where I am today and will forever be grateful for their contribution to, not only my business career, but my life as well.

Why did you choose the franchising model?

I am a strong believer in collaboration in business and it would be naive for me to think that I have everything I need to reach my big vision for the future. I have teamed up with a company which shares my vision enabling us to achieve our goals faster and on a bigger scale. Stepz Fitness in particular have created and refined their trademark systems and operations to reach a point where we can offer our franchisees everything they need to achieve success.

It is only once you join our team that you will realise the difference. Stepz Fitness has given me the ability to live out my dreams each day and I want to offer others a chance to do the same.

What has the franchisor taught you and what are your targets as a master franchisee?

The franchisor started as my mentor in 2009 when I was a young personal trainer and since then we have fostered a relationship based on a respect and the combined vision we share for the industry. Both the directors of Stepz Fitness have a range of business experience which has lead them to building it into the company it is today. I am expected to garner around five franchisees a year.

The lessons I have learned from them regarding leasing of properties, marketing, client management and day-to-day business operations have been invaluable.

The one thing that stands out for me about the fanchisors is they are always looking to grow their company to reach what others would see an unimaginable height.

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Article Published by Nathan Stanogias, From Franchised Business – Read it here 

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