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Tyler Brooks blends work with pleasure as a Stepz Fitness franchisee

After managing the Stepz Fitness gym in Stones Corner, Queensland for around 12 months, Tyler was presented with the opportunity of becoming the gym’s franchisee.

“It gave me a whole new perspective on how to earn a living and investing through owning a business.”

“I liked the idea of not only earning money as a ‘job’ but also the growth of the business as an investment and the challenges it presented,” says Tyler.

In terms of the due diligence process Tyler had a bit of a head start as he already managed the gym prior to becoming a franchisee.

“I already had a pretty good idea of the inner workings of the business,” he says.

“I researched a few other franchises with similar business models but that was more of an analytical comparison before purchasing this franchise.”

He advises that anyone interested in becoming a Stepz Fitness franchisee contact existing franchisees in order to really nut out how the business operates.

Tyler previously ran his own personal training business, so it made sense that he invest in a brand that is reflective of his own interests.

He chose Stepz for a number of reasons, including atmosphere, staff and level of support provided by the franchisors.

“I think the general atmosphere in the gym is great. It is so different in a positive way to so many other gyms. I know this is often a reflection of the staff, but they are often influenced by their own satisfaction of their workplace.”

“Stepz provides a great atmosphere for happy staff and the approach to cheaper PT rent is a good step towards promoting that. The atmosphere between franchisees is great, and there is always support to be had from them all.”

From a financial perspective, Tyler funded the franchise investment through personal savings and a business loan, and while he says the saving process was challenging at times, his hard work has paid off.

“I feel I have achieved a higher level of professionalism and gained valuable industry experience in an industry which demands you strive for continued growth.”

Tyler has become more business savvy too, as he stresses the importance of local area marketing, an initiative that he says keeps new members coming in.

He says the business has gone from strength to strength since he took on the role of franchisee in November 2010.

“One of the biggest achievements since becoming a franchisee has been the continued success of the business over the last several years, despite more and more competition in the area.”

“This has allowed me to look at future investment options including another Stepz Fitness franchise,” he says.

Tyler advises that anyone interested in becoming a Stepz Fitness franchisee engage in some thorough research.

“Ensure you know or learn the inner workings of your business and make sure that you are motivated and passionate about the industry and the business itself.”

He says he would invest in the Stepz Fitness brand again, and in fact hopes to open another club in the near future.

“I believe that Stepz is a brand that will continue to grow in recognition and popularity Australia wide.”

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