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Stepz Fitness Franchise Launches New Wellness Concept

To create a desirable brand with the market strength to better support wellness

Stepz Fitness, an Australian owned gym franchise has been operating for over 10 years in the fitness industry. The brand has helped over 20,000 people in Australia, with its traditional 24/7 gym offering, and now unveiled a new concept and interior design for its gyms across the country. The new concept was created to fill a gap in the fitness industry between two primary customer segments – 24/7 gym access and functional group training. They hope this new concept will help set them apart in the increasingly transactional, high-churn fitness category.

The new concept was envisaged by the current Franchisor, Sam Waller, who started with Stepz Fitness in 2010 as a Personal Trainer.

“I am overjoyed to bring our collective vision to life here in Australia. We have the best team working on this project and is very exciting to see it coming to life. My experience as a personal trainer to now being in charge of the Franchise is something that is unique and has given me a better insight into what Australians want from a fitness brand”.

The new concept is designed with a focus on playing a bigger role in the lives of customers by creating a wellness community. It’s about going beyond the ‘body’ and addressing overall wellness. For Stepz Fitness, everything from the interior design to the services provided is aimed at making exercise a part of everyday life. The brand has even stated they wish to depart from the association of a being gym. Stating they specifically chose an interior design team who weren’t gym users to bring a fresh outlook to the industry.

“As a 24/7 gym chain, we felt we needed to do more for our customers than simply being open 24 hours a day. We wanted to bring in high-quality functional group training and new customer experience to the industry” Stated Mr Waller.

The new interior design is created to promote a warm feeling of belonging and joy when a customer walks through the door by using earthly tones, green feature walls and a more vibrant colour pallet for the brand. Extras such as a ‘refresh station’ for helping members feel their best and a communal table with built-in charging cords make fitting a workout into your day a touch easier.

“We’ve focused on creating an environment where members feel empowered, not intimidated, to get over the hurdles of improving their health. Changing the business model is one way to better serve our customers we have taken it further by fully evolved the look and feel of the main Stepz Fitness Brand. To become a more desirable brand and create lifelong connections with our customers” said Scott Bouquet, CMO at Stepz Fitness. Having worked with Laser Clinics Australia, Mr Bouquet, went on to say he knows what resonates with the consumers in the wider Health and Beauty sector.

Stepz Fitness will launch the concept in June 2019, starting with a flagship store in Penrith, NSW.

“I have been looking at opening a gym franchise for many years, I have not come across a brand that is as dynamic as Stepz Fitness. The 24/7 gym industry is ready for disruption and I am excited to bring this new concept to market; to better support our local community” said Ash Kings owner of Stepz Fitness Penrith.

They will continue the rollout with another 5 territories sold across NSW and QLD. To see a new concept, visit the link below:

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