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    • Sam Waller – Director/Franchisor


      Director & Franchisor

      “Total immersion. Dedication & Insight. Commitment to fitness. Commitment to society.

      Helping people achieve that ultimate goal of becoming the best version of themselves is Sam Waller’s lifelong vision.

      After superseding his own fitness goals as a teenager, his drive and discipline continue forward, and he is now Franchisor of one of Australia’s top ten premier, boutique 24/7 gyms, Stepz Fitness.

      Starting out as a personal trainer in 2010, bootcamp instructor and group trainer (borne out of his own fitness commitments), he developed a passion for training teenagers who lack confidence, aiming to provide a high quality of fitness training to motivate and encourage the development of Australian Youth. This all happened while studying a law degree in Queensland.

      In 2013, Sam become franchisee of Stepz Fitness in St. Lucia, QLD, his first gym, and as the Managing Director (of Sam Waller Fitness Pty Ltd), he took control of all aspects of the business operations, including the marketing, accounts and payroll. Today there are 13 Stepz Gyms, 12 in Queensland, and one in New South Wales which opened in 2016.

      Keeping in momentum with fitness industry trends, Sam has created a unique hybrid franchise model merging 24/7 gym concepts with a dedicated group training classes, where the realisation of opportunities that exist in this area are now successfully being implemented. In 2017, Sam took ownership of the multi-national Stepz Fitness 24/7 franchise as Franchisor, taking his vision further, which includes global expansion. 

      As Sam is now becoming one of the key ambassadors for the fitness industry in Australia, and as a trusted franchisor, he reflects on his early years and notes, “Becoming fit no matter what, has shaped my lifelong goal into that of providing the ideal training space helping people reach their physical/fitness goals. I hope many others will continue to share this passion with me”

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