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Stepz Fitness Gyms Preparing To Re-Open

Stepz Fitness Gyms Preparing To Re-Open

Gyms Ready To Re-Open

With some welcomed news from the Australian Government we have a 3-step plan for Re-Opening. This post will outline how Stepz Fitness  plans to re-open safely and effectively.

COVID19 has impacted everyone in Stepz Fitness including members and staff. We are conscious of this in re-opening and ensure we maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. It is also important that we continue to assist the health and wellness of our members .

Stepz Fitness has moved quickly to suspend memberships and move our services online. We have brought in Stepz Nutrition in a push to work towards being a full service offering for our members.

Gym Updates & Improvements

Whist we have been closed the majority of Stepz Fitness gyms have been making improvements to their gym. Below is a list of our gyms which have got a facelift while we have been temporarily closed.

These gyms have been moving towards our new brand in line with Stepz Fitness Penrith and Stepz Fitness Dapto. We are also excited to announce Stepz Fitness Lismore will be open within 5 weeks. Just in time for the eased restrictions. Check out the video below which shows the equipment layout.


One of the biggest priorities moving forward will be the cleanliness of the gym and the equipment used by members and staff across our network

  • Daily disinfectant of mats used
  • Daily and sessional wipe down of equipment
  • Barbells
  • Dumbbells
  • Handles of conditioning equipment
  • TRX, Rings and Bars
  • Sterilizing the gym floor daily.
  • Hand Sanitizers Around the Gym – Entry, Weights Area and Cardio Area.

Bathrooms and showers mopped, and surfaces sterilised daily.

As always we encourage our members to always practise good hygiene to protect against infections which includes regularly washing your hands for 20 seconds or more with soap and water, using a tissue to cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, avoiding close contact with others and of course if you feel unwell, stay at home and avoid coming into clubs.

In line with our community rules, we ask that our members respect one another, ensuring you wipe down equipment using disinfectant spray or wipes provided and using a towel on the training floor and in the group classes. We do not permit training if you don’t have a towel. (No exceptions)

Thanks For Your Support

The Stepz Family would like to thank our members who have joined us in the virtual classes or simply sent your support on social media. We cannot wait to see you faces when we reopen. Our Queensland Gyms will be ready to open on the 13th of June and we expect New South Wales to follow shortly after.

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