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Have a Fitness Goal in Mind? Here’s Your Ideal Training Method

Have a Fitness Goal in Mind? Here's Your Ideal Training Method

Several people debate on the best training method that lets fitness enthusiasts attain their goals faster. Some of them prefer strength training, while others recommend cardio. The truth is, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach in fitness. So, instead of asking yourself what training you should adopt, think about what you really want to achieve. Based on your fitness goals, here are the best training methods suggested by the local gyms trainers:

To Build Muscles:

Strength training is the best training method for those aiming to get stronger or build muscle mass. Lifting weights such as kettlebell, barbell, or a pair of dumbbells do provide the most effective results you are looking for. Comparing to high intensity interval training and cardio exercises, your muscles will shape up better with strength training. Gyms offer all the equipment for weight training, so sign up for a free gym trial and see how it goes.

To Lose Weight:

If your goal is to shed a few kilos, a combination of strength and cardio workouts will be the best way to achieve the same. You can combine strength and cardio together in a single workout session, or do them separately. Another approach is to do high intensity resistance training, wherein you lift light-to-moderate weights and build lean muscle. Certified gym experts can also recommend the right training to help achieve your weight loss goal.

To Improve Your Physique:

Cardio workouts used to be the ultimate method for improving body composition. But after a few years, it was found that strength training produces better results for this specific goal. To lose fat and build muscle, resistance training is highly recommended by the experts. This doesn’t mean that cardio must be ruled out for improving your physique. A healthy balance of aerobic and anaerobic exercises will allow you to lose excess weight and get your dream body.

To Improve Your Running:

Well, it goes without saying that you need to keep running to get better at it. Besides practise, you should also prioritise doing cardio and some strength training to get the results. Don’t be hard on yourself though. Working out more than required will only cause injuries. When you allocate a schedule for your exercises, give sufficient time for recovery as well.

To Improve General Fitness:

If you are aiming to boost your general health, a combination of weight lifting and cardio is recommended here. Fitness experts suggest spending equal intervals for both cardio and strength. For instance, if you work out 4 days a week, dedicate two sessions for cardio, and the rest two for weight lifting. Trainers at a 24 hour gym in Sydney can also provide customised training sessions that align with your specific goals.

Signing up for a free gym trial is highly recommended, so that you’ll know how the knowledge of the fitness experts will be useful for you. Get in touch with a reputable local gym to realise your fitness goals sooner!

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