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      • *My experience since joining Stepz Fitness (Toowong)

        Signing up for a gym membership at Stepz Fitness has honestly been the best thing for my confidence and health this year. I needed motivation, flexibility and support to fulfil one of my fitness goals for the year, to complete a 200km charity bike ride. At the start of the year, a 10km casual bike ride was a big enough challenge, let alone finding the willpower to get up early on the cold winters morning to train for 200km! I sought the help of personal trainer, Nick, who helped me clarify my goals, barriers, support networks and also to create an exercise plan to increase my overall strength and fitness. Having the flexibility of a 24hr gym allowed me to work around a hectic university and part-time work schedule, as well as knowing I had the expertise and support from the trainers if I needed it. I gained confidence in using the weights, which I had never dared to use before, and developed an appreciation for putting in a decent effort in order to see the results. Come August I completed the ride, and enjoyed the awesome feeling of proving my doubters wrong! The journey that I made to cross the finish line was a huge achievement for me, and has given me so much more confidence in my ability to achieve a fitness goal once I set my mind to it. I no longer look towards going to the gym as a chore, but as a rewarding time for both my body and my mind. I have new goals to work towards now, and aim to reach new and exciting achievements in the upcoming months.

        Emily Sheridan - Stepz Fitness Toowong