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    *DISCLAIMER: Our testimonials and results are provided by genuine individuals experiences with Stepz Fitness – There are many factors that affect weight loss and fitness results and we can make no guarantee that individuals attending our training will achieve the same results.

      • *My Journey began approx. 12 weeks ago when the Arundel Stepz Fitness opened. It had been 9 years since I last attended a gym and did any regular exercise as my life had completely revolved around my children.

        The lure of a brand new gym just down the road from me prompted me to organise my life, I did in fact have a child free spot of 2 hours between work finishing and picking up the kids from school and day care!

        The goals I set myself were to shed some weight, build some muscles and get a regular dose of endorphins! I’ve been medicated for years for depression and anxiety, medication takes the edge off the symptoms but the ‘buzz’ I get from exercising helps me to forget my problems.

        I used Personal Trainer Jessie Kim right from the beginning. I said to her the first day I met her….I need to book sessions with you or I just won’t come back” Because let’s face it the first few weeks are the hardest to stay motivated especially with sore muscles. Jessie got me through that first month, her training style with so much variety is amazing – never a dull moment! She’s also taught me a lot about nutrition and recovery. I really enjoy the gut- wrenching bootcamp sessions and I am rapt there are now crossfit sessions, awesome!


        Mary-Anne Cawdron - Stepz Fitness Arundel Gym
      • I have been a member at Stepz Fitness Thornleigh since it opened about 2 years ago and can say it’s the best 24hr gym in the area. I have previously been a member of other local gyms and found Stepz to be the best. The owner and staff are all very friendly and professional. This gym has easy parking / access. As well as great facilities / equipment and small group training sessions.
        I couldn’t recommend a gym more highly then Stepz Fitness Thornleigh.
        – Stepz Fitness Thornleigh
        James Stevenson - Stepz Fitness Thornleigh
      • *My experience since joining Stepz Fitness (Toowong)

        Signing up for a gym membership at Stepz Fitness has honestly been the best thing for my confidence and health this year. I needed motivation, flexibility and support to fulfil one of my fitness goals for the year, to complete a 200km charity bike ride. At the start of the year, a 10km casual bike ride was a big enough challenge, let alone finding the willpower to get up early on the cold winters morning to train for 200km! I sought the help of personal trainer, Nick, who helped me clarify my goals, barriers, support networks and also to create an exercise plan to increase my overall strength and fitness. Having the flexibility of a 24hr gym allowed me to work around a hectic university and part-time work schedule, as well as knowing I had the expertise and support from the trainers if I needed it. I gained confidence in using the weights, which I had never dared to use before, and developed an appreciation for putting in a decent effort in order to see the results. Come August I completed the ride, and enjoyed the awesome feeling of proving my doubters wrong! The journey that I made to cross the finish line was a huge achievement for me, and has given me so much more confidence in my ability to achieve a fitness goal once I set my mind to it. I no longer look towards going to the gym as a chore, but as a rewarding time for both my body and my mind. I have new goals to work towards now, and aim to reach new and exciting achievements in the upcoming months.

        Emily Sheridan - Stepz Fitness Toowong
      • *Since joining Stepz – I have started to regain my life! I had always been fit and healthy until I got told I had cancerous melanomas. Then my life turned upside down! I lose a lung, a kidney and most of my liver as well as large portions of bowel. I have struggled, feeling depressed and having to watch my body waste away, getting thinner and thinner because I couldn’t get the nutrients or do any exercise. Three years later, I started working out again slowly and regaining some muscle definition – a couple of months ago I coerced friends and my partner to join me at Stepz! The first couple of months were a bit hit and miss. But now I have a routine, am there at least 4 nights a week building muscle and relearning how to be healthy for my new body! There have been setbacks and sometimes I feel like I am not achieving things as quickly as I would like but …. I am looking toned and reasonably athletic again. I am back deadlifting my bodyweight and can almost do squats with my body weight – which is my next goal! I have found Stepz to not only be one of the friendliest gyms I have ever used, but also very accessible to everyone! Often I am the only female late at night trying to do free weights – but everyone is there on hand to offer assistance or even just encouragement. The staff has not only been friendly and helpful but one member is even being my mentor as I do my own study in the fitness industry. I originally dreaded getting to gym – felt very self-conscious and anxious. Now – it’s the highlight of my day! Time for myself, to zone out and not think of work or university or anything else …. But just to focus on making myself happier and healthier!

        Shannon Greene - Stepz Fitness St Lucia
      •  *Where It All Began

        I joined the gym in March 2016 after many years of sitting on the sideline,  leading a sedentary lifestyle involving little exercise and an unhealthy diet which meant the I packed on the weight. The decision to do something came after tipping the scales at the heaviest I had ever been. Watching as my clothes started to no longer fit and just having a general malaise about doing anything.

        Chance Encounter with Stepz

        Stepz Norwest had just opened in the building that I work and one day whilst walking past to grab a coffee and donuts I decided to do something towards changing my life around. Working with the staff and trainers at Stepz, I told them that I simply wanted to lose some weight and gain some fitness. They helped me put together a diet plan and exercise regime that took into account my age and objectives.

        There was no quick fix or rapid weight loss promised but through sticking with the plan, regular review of the progress and a lot of commitment and consistency (and restraint) on my part I was able to not only reach but exceed my original goals.

        The New Happy Health Life

        My clothes now fit me well and I have a lot more energy to burn and I am more active with my family. Its also had a positive psychological effect where I am now more confident in myself and have a good feeling of well being.

        Best news is my doctors report, for the past 10 years I had been on medication to manage blood pressure and cholesterol. I have just had my annual checkup and was told that I no longer need the medications as everything was now back in order. So a clean bill of health and a revived vigor for life – can’t get better than that.

        A big thank you to Stepz and the team at Norwest for being there for me and supporting my decision.


        Leighton - Stepz Fitness
      • *Early in 2013 I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. After being ill for several months I was now dealing with a long-term problem, continually feeling unwell and being constantly tired. The disease would linger. I was perplexed about what to do. Worried. I could no longer trust my body and lacked confidence in the way it was deciding to function. I remembered how it had always worked; how the body had cooperated even when I did not treat it as well as it needed. I became disconnected from my body. I wondered how to cope and what to do.

        Everyday as I walked or cycled to work, I went past Stepz. Could they help to fix my body and my body’s memory of wellness? One day I walked in and was introduced to Marko, the trainer. Gently he took me under his wing and began to rebuild my body and body confidence. He spoke to me in such a calm way while I was quaking inside, sometimes with fear, sometimes with frustration, sometimes with elation.

        Twice a week Marko took me through a set of achievable exercises and then increased the challenge. He was continually aware of the need to develop new goals and test my limits. Through his encouragement I became stronger, physically and mentally.

        I continue to use Marko’s well-developed weights’ program to stay strong and healthy. Stepz facilitated a pathway to wellness. Along the way I became more confident as my body grew to love the exercise and the sense of achievement. The changes and challenges I received from Stepz were extremely positive. I owe my re-found body to Stepz and particularly to Marko’s leadership, insight and support.

        I don’t have images to show the before and after effects of training as the changes I gained are mainly on the inside. I never feel it is a chore going to the gym; it is always a step in the right direction – towards being healthy and feeling well.

        Sylvie Shaw - Stepz Fitness St Lucia
      • *Stepz Fitness St Lucia pardon the pun is one of the many stepping stones for me and my ultimate goal of becoming a more active and healthier person. The last 18 months or so I have been consistently sick with various bugs. So a few weeks prior to joining Stepz Fitness I began my journey back to what I hope will be good health. I have made major changes to the foods I eat, veges have become a regular rather than a rarely consumed food item. No more naughty stashes of chips, lollies, chocolate etc. Thinking about what foods I eat has been a huge factor in my journey thus far. My starting weight end May 2013 was 153.5kgs the heaviest I had ever been so when my friend Jenny ask me to join a gym with her the decision was a very easy one to make, it was the next stepping stone. I  love that I can go to the gym anytime 24/7, fits in great with my crazy busy schedule. I am now getting closer every day to the end goal, I am sure that will be ups and downs but hey NO PAIN NO GAIN, I am finding myself moving closer to end goal with the encouragement of my Personal Trainer, all the team at Stepz, friends, family and work mates. It is exciting talking to others of my journey so far, I was at my hairdressers last week and one of the hairdressers was keen to know how I have been doing it so far, it is encouraging that the changes you make can have a positive impact on not only yourself but others around you. Keep on smiling J.

        Many thanks for this opportunity

        Rachel McNeil - Stepz Fitness St Lucia
      • *My name is Lisa slater and am a member of Stepz fitness mount gravatt. Since joining Stepz fitness I have found myself looking so much forward more to going to gym. I attend gym 6 put of 7 days to get the results I desire. A big part of that is the great atmosphere Stepz fitness staff create for me encouraging me and giving me that extra push to keep going.  Stepz gym has helped me achieve these results and continue to help me on my journey to getting my dream body. My old habits were eating McDonald’s 3x a week and never attending gym. I now attend on a regular basis and stick to a strict diet. I feel happier and have more energy and motivation in my general life. It wouldn’t be possible without regular access of a gym such as Stepz fitness. Thankyou for making all this possible.

        Lisa Slater - Stepz Fitness
      • *My names kye eather a 20yo male from the Gold Coast. Before joining stepz fitness I was a dedicated mma fighter that trained every day and was always preparing for my next fight but after losing 2 big fights in a row I completely lost all my motivation and confidence to keep training so the months went by doin nothing but sitting on the couch eating junk and partying the pain of losing away until I noticed a gym was opening right near my local KFC I went in there and spoke to all the staff and they gave me all the information and motivation I needed to get off the couch throw the KFC in the bin and get healthy again since the day i joined i am loving every minute of it all the staff are great and im always greeted with a smile and there’s always great weekly challenges to give me something to push towards and my favorite thing about the gym is the freedom 24/7 access for me is perfect as I do night shifts (security guard) it means that I have no excuses I would definitely recommend this gym to everyone and have already referred family and friends to join thanks stepz

        Kye Eather - Stepz Fitness Benowa
      • *After having my son I told myself losing weight would be easy and that I would do it soon, a year on and if not only put on more weight and lost all confidence to even leave the house even just to go see friends. I used to go for daily walks thinking I was active so it’s ok but my eating habits went from one healthy meal to something full of carbs or takeaway. It was a never ending battle with me and my food.
        After going through all the photos a friend took from my sons 1st birthday party I sat there and cried because I was so disappointed that my son will see these photos in years to come and see his mum look like this. Things had to change…
        2 months ago I was dragged to this new gym called Stepz down the road from my house. One step in there and the atmosphere was addictive. The staff took the time to get to know me and made me feel comfortable, other members were very friendly and helpful. It wasn’t as scary as I had once thought being a gym virgin haha.
        I began going every single day with my mother-in-law and loved it. And to make it better I got home and didn’t even want to put anything unhealthy in my mouth because I didn’t want to ruin the hardwork I had just done. Hitting the gym by myself which was something I never thought possible become fun, I learnt new workouts and push myself til I left sore. My cooking skills sky-rocketed and began making delicious healthy meals.

        I want my son to understand that it’s not ok to live such an unhealthy lifestyle and blame everything else for being unhappy. I want him to have a happy and healthy mummy, and that’s what I am… I really am happy xx

        Kirsten Webber
      • *I joined Stepz Fitness Toowong in August 2012. I have been taken back by the friendliness and supportiveness of the environment since joining Stepz Toowong, with both the staff and other gym members often offering advice and support along the way. Located conveniently in the centre of Toowong, well equipped with ample space and facilities, as well as a fantastic fortnightly rate and remaining open 24 hours, Stepz Toowong has easily been my best gym experience and I still ensure that I workout 6-7 times a week. Stepz Toowong has been a massive part of changing my life: I cannot speak highly enough of Dan and the team and readily recommend Stepz to anyone looking to make the (tough, but ultimately rewarding) change.

        Louis Durand - Stepz Fitness Toowong
      • *Hi, Thanks for the opportunity to share my experience with Stepz Fitness so far. Here is my Story.

        I am 43 years old and have always struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle with my weight and fitness fluctuating enormously (along with my self esteem). My doctor basically told me to sort myself out. So I started and within a few days your mailbox drop advised of your Upper Mount Gravatt Store opening soon. I registered my interest and was eagerly waiting to get started.

        I had never stepped foot inside a Gym in my life (not even to look). I was quite self conscious about being in there in front of everyone but though I’d give it a go.

        If it weren’t for the friendly staff I don’t know if I would have lasted this long. They have been amazing at making me feel comfortable when I walk in. They all remember me by name and always say g’day.

        I took up the opportunity to try out the 2 free sessions with a personal trainer (something else I had never done before and didn’t know the advantages of having one).

        I started out with Kristijan and quickly realised the benefits with his expertise and helpful advise on reaching my goal weight. I am now healthier and feel amazing. But I didn’t want to just get thin and remain weak. Kristijan put me on the right track with some weight and cardio work. You can see the results so far in the attached pictures. That first picture with my kids is a real wake up call. I have some way to go for what I’d like, however feel confident in reaching my goal due to the persistence of my personal trainer. Unfortunately he left, however I was quickly looked after by another trainer Renee. Today I did 180 sit-ups, something I would never had dreamed of doing. My wife is extremely pleased and cannot believe the way I am transforming before her eyes. I wash myself in the shower and think what is that hard lump on my arm as I wash over my biceps? Oh it’s a muscle that I have never felt before!

        Anyway, thanks to Stepz at Upper Mount Gravatt and all of their friendly smiley faces. I’ll keep coming back and will recommend (and already have), them to my friends & family.

        Paul King - Stepz Fitness
      • *I have had great results working out at Stepz, where I am currently preparing for the Brisbane fitness physique compitition. This my results in only a couple of weeks. My confidence has increase as my body became fitter and more aesthetic. I could really workout and keep my busy lifestyle in order as Stepz Gym are open 24/7 with the option of many locations.

        Alexander Milverton
      • *I have been with the Stepz St Lucia family since 4th June 2013 and enjoying every minute. From the moment I walked in the door I was greeted with open arms and was wowed when I saw the state of the art gym equipment. There was no doubt in my mind after my 7 day trial that I would be staying with Stepz.

        I have a fantastic personal trainer, who I train with for 3 days per week. My whole life style has changed, work, home, eating habits and exercising. I have changed not only physically but also mentally and have got more confident in myself. With knowing the gym is 24/7, I can work out any time I like and I feel safe, which is important to me. Previously coming from a big gym, I didn’t realize how in personal it really was and had to try to fit in with the times they were open.

        Coming to Stepz has made me realize that I will never go back to the big gym, as you get to know the other members and all the staff. The extremely friendly environment makes me feel welcome into the Stepz family and my time enjoyable. I treat Stepz like my second home and would highly recommend it to anyone.

        Jenny Corrie - Stepz Fitness St Lucia
      • *I didn’t know what Stepz meant to me until I embarked on a 5 week trip to Canada and the US, some business some pleasure. I had to battle to find gyms, very few as well resourced as my local Stepz and therefore the kilos have returned and my general feeling of well being has greatly diminished. Coming home this Sunday and straight onto the cycle and weight for me.

        Pete Nisbet
      • *Stepz Gym has been so accommodating and easily accessible. It has encouraged not only myself to join the gym but the rest of my family. It has a wonderful atmosphere with friendly staff which makes coming to gym a pleasure. Since the Stepz Gym community in Cleveland is small it is nice to work out with my family with much space to move around and a variety of equipment that is always available, creating more time to work out rather than waiting around for someone else to finish with something.

        Caylynn Jagga - Stepz Fitness Cleveland
      • *How Stepz Fitness has helped you improve your life?

        Stepz Fitness does not only supply fun and approachable trainers, it supplies a friendly training environment where trainers are always there to lend a helping hand and always have a smile on there face which upon entering the gym just gives you that motivational boost to train.

        I have been at Stepz Fitness now for 2 years and have been a witness to many of the changes that the gym has offered. Whether it be the fantastic promotional deals, the friendly trainers, the great customer base or even just as simple as moving around the machines the gym is constantly growing and changing to what its customer needs.

        The manager Giuseppe is always there to help out anyone in need as well as always writing up something motivational or promotional on the white board that everyone sees when they enter the gym as well as training tips and health tips around the gym which people read while on they’re break.

        We now have a new trainer Paul who as well has taken great incentives and joined the Stepz team to promote fitness and as well is always there to help out anyone with a question.

        The gym has come very far since it has first opened its doors and I believe it will continue to grow from here. Since joining Stepz fitness I have lost amounts of body fat and put on some size as well as definition. The gym has become a second home as its not a hobby anymore it’s a lifestyle, if I don’t go everyday I feel as if the day has been wasted.

        It has lead me too lead a healthy, happier life as I believe if you look good you feel good.

        Gianluca D’Amico - Stepz Fitness