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Meditation Creates Higher Self-Esteem

Through meditation we can feel more connected to ourselves, others and the Universe. It is great to remember that we’re “spiritual beings having an earthly experience” and that “we only spend the entire day with ourselves,” so it’s important to put our requirements first so we can continually perform at our best, throughout the day.

Here are some health benefits of meditation: 

  • Better Focus: When we meditate, we focus and this assists us to focus on things when we’re not meditating.
  • Less Anxiety: Meditation helps us look at things more rationally, therefore creating less anxiety.
  • More Creativity: During meditation, we quiet our mind, which allows the creative juices to flow.
  • More Compassion: Empathy and compassion are higher in people who meditate.
  • Better Memory: Rapid memory recall is linked to meditation.
  • Less Stress: Meditating lessens stress and can build up our brains and guard against information overload.
  • More Grey Matter: People who mediate have more grey matter in their brains, which can lead to more positive emotions, longer-lasting emotional stability and heightened focus during daily life.

If you currently do not meditate, you may like to research some of the many, many different ways to meditate. Go online and find the one that suits you best.

Meditation will assist you to always be aware of your current vibrational level.

Until next time…………..

With Gratitude and Joy

Karen Chaston

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