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What Makes Stepz, Stepz? Hear Leighton’s Story

*Where It All Began

I joined the gym in March 2016 after many years of sitting on the sideline,  leading a sedentary lifestyle involving little exercise and an unhealthy diet which meant the I packed on the kg’s. The decision to do something came after tipping the scales at the heaviest I had ever been. Watching as my clothes started to no longer fit and just having a general malaise about doing anything.

Chance Encounter with Stepz

Stepz Norwest had just opened in the building that I work and one day whilst walking past to grab a coffee and donuts I decided to do something towards changing my life around. Working with the staff and trainers at Stepz, I told them that I simply wanted to lose some weight and gain some fitness. They helped me put together a diet plan and exercise regime that took into account my age and objectives.

There was no quick fix or rapid weight loss promised but through sticking with the plan, regular review of the progress and a lot of commitment and consistency (and restraint) on my part I was able to not only reach but exceed my original goals.

The New Happy Health Life

My clothes now fit me well and I have a lot more energy to burn and I am more active with my family. Its also had a positive psychological effect where I am now more confident in myself and have a good feeling of well being.

Best news is my doctors report, for the past 10 years I had been on medication to manage blood pressure and cholesterol. I have just had my annual checkup and was told that I no longer need the medications as everything was now back in order. So a clean bill of health and a revived vigor for life – can’t get better than that.

A big thank you to Stepz and the team at Norwest for being there for me and supporting my decision.


*DISCLAIMER: Our testimonials and results are provided by genuine individuals experiences with Stepz Fitness – There are many factors that affect weight loss and fitness results and we can make no guarantee that individuals attending our training will achieve the same results.

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