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Cardio Workout – 4 Popular Myths Debunked

Cardio Workout - 4 Popular Myths Debunked

Nothing quite compares to the feeling one gets after a long cardio session. Cardio workouts do wonders for your health by lowering your blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart diseases, and releasing endorphins that make you feel better. Even though cardio workouts are super popular, various misconceptions about them prevent people from attaining their goals. Here are some of them debunked by expert physical trainers of a gym Brisbane:

Myth 1: More Cardio Means Faster Weight Loss

People often fully associate cardio workouts with weight loss. The type of food you consume matters a lot when it comes to weight management. No matter how intense your cardio workout is, it wouldn’t be as effective if you overeat junk food. Even though cardio exercises are necessary to lose weight, they must be combined with strength training. This way, you will shed some kilos while at the same time gaining muscle. If you solely rely upon cardio, you will lose both fat and muscles and reduce your metabolism.

Myth 2: Intensity isn’t Important

According to the professional gym Brisbane trainers, the intensity of a cardio workout is extremely important to get your desired results. Running at a really slow pace for an hour doesn’t really count as a cardio workout. There are three levels of intensity – low intensity, moderate intensity, and high intensity. Talk to a physical trainer and decide on your target heart rate based on your present fitness level. Make sure not to overdo it though. Exercise at the right pace and you’ll see the difference soon.

Myth 3: Cardio Must be Done on an Empty Stomach

Doing cardio in the morning before breakfast might work for some, but generally, it is advised to have a simple pre-workout food that supplies enough energy for you to power through. Make sure the food you choose is easily digestible and that you eat an hour and a half before working out. Don’t forget to hydrate too.

Myth 4: Cardio is Better than Strength Training

Another big myth circling the fitness industry is that cardio workouts are more effective than strength training. The fact is that combining both these workout types helps to give out the results you want. When you lift weights, you utilise more energy than cardio to build muscles, but doing low-intensity cardio right after will further complement your efforts. Talk to a personal trainer at a gym near me if you have any questions.

Cardio exercises are great to improve your breathing and endurance. Opting for a cardio workout program is dependent on your specific goal. Now that you know the misconceptions of cardio workouts get in touch with an expert trainer at the best gym Brisbane to see how useful it will be for you.

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