5 Problems You Need To Know About Gyms - And How We’ve Solved Them:

  1. DIY QuickStart Programs™ – The problem of not knowing what to do or how to workout is taken care of with Our unique and Exclusive DIY QuickStart programs™. These are an easy way to get started with well explained and comprehensive workout programs. It’s not just for beginners either, we have ten different automated programs you can download as a PDF booklet, that also come with access to a members only website where all exercises and equipment functions are explained in detailed videos.  These Exclusive Programs are available to Stepz Fitness members at no cost – normally valued at $149.00.  Existing Stepz Members can gain access at no extra cost by seeing your Club manager.
  2. No More Equipment Overwhelm! – Info at your fingertips! Along with our unique members website videos, demo videos are also loaded on to ipads, TV’s and accessed via your smart phone throughout our gyms! You’ll never be wondering how to use our equipment with our comprehensive info access system.
  3. Intimidation Free – Intimidation is a huge factor in gyms around the world and it can come in many forms like: complicated equipment, not knowing what to do, other members, our own inhibitions, or just being new! We have recruited some of our friendliest local members as volunteers to act as our Stepz ‘Buddy Legends’. They’re members just like you and me but are there to help, or just have a chat! They can show you around and introduce you to others and/or equipment. They know what it’s like to be new and have graciously put their hand up to make your experience less intimidating, and a whole lot more fun at any of our Stepz gyms! Read more about our absolute ‘Buddy Legends’ in our unique Gym Etiquette guide!
  4. Stepz Clean Gym Reporting System – Gyms are sometimes known to be a little messy due to the fact that staff are not always in attendance at all times, so, we’ve come up with a unique way to help keep our gyms as clean as possible with our Stepz Mess Reporting System. A mess board is placed in every gym in full view of members and staff. The board has all the areas of the gym listed and an indication marker to alert us about any areas that need attention.
    Anything put on the board will be actioned immediately when a staff member is in attendance!
  5. Our pricing has a ‘No Surprises guarantee’ – Meaning, when you join, you won’t get stung with hidden ‘card’ fees and ‘direct debit processing’ fees that we don’t tell you about. All our pricing and fees are explained upfront the first time so you know EXACTLY what you will be charged for.

That’s only 5 reasons why you will enjoy our gyms better than any others! – There are more that you’ll find out about when you join our growing community!

You can do that now by clicking here! Become  a member now and get FREE access to ANY of our QuickStart Programs™(Individual QuickStart Program Access for Non-Members $149)

Normally, access to our QuickStart Programs™ is priced at $149 for non-members, however, if you become a Stepz Fitness Member today, you can get FREE access to ANY of our QuickStart Programs™! Check out all our programs by clicking here now.