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Stepz Fitness offers free training programs worth $149 to new members

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Stepz Fitness is now providing new customers free access to its wide range of QuickStart Gym Programs™, priced at $149 for non-members, offering professionally designed and personalised training regimens to exercisers of all ages and fitness stages – and from all walks of life.

Stepz Fitness Gym Program

New members now have unlimited access to comprehensive video tutorials and training booklets, which provide the perfect platform for educating newcomers about how to kick-start their new fitness routine.

According to the new Stepz Fitness Franchisor, Sam Waller: “These programs have been beneficial in educating our customer base about equipment functions, exercises and techniques that might benefit their workout.”

“They offer members a DIY gym training guide for working out… and also provide insight for new members into our holistic approach to exercise, which makes Stepz Fitness unique.”

Additionally, the Stepz Fitness program has recently gone digital with the launch of its online Virtual Studio, engaging members to stay active and motivated in the comfort of their own homes – whether they’re locked in or out of iso at present.

The online fitness studio invites members to attend live workout sessions or jump into pre-recorded workout videos, with the virtual fit challenge motivating participants to stay active and inspired while reinforcing a sense of community engagement – allowing members to ask questions or share ideas on all things fitness and home workouts.

Holistic exercise, as practiced by the Stepz Fitness community, is about going beyond the human body and focusing on more than just the physical results of exercise, by addressing overall health, happiness and wellness.

Ensuring fitness is an enjoyable activity rather than a doctor-recommended chore, or general maintenance of vanity or sex appeal, is also critical to the Stepz Fitness experience.

Mr Waller said: ‘We’ve also got eight gym programs that every Stepz member gets for free when they sign up… so they’re supported and have a training program straight off the bat.”

He continued: “Across the industry, fitness centres haven’t really been getting people results with obesity levels still rising [in Australia].”

“I believe that often comes down to people being intimidated to go to a gym, not having a routine or program they can follow, or just losing interest – and not having access to [the necessary] training.”

Stepz Fitness recognises that the biggest challenge to implementing new exercise routines and practices is knowing what to do, how to do it and where to find affordable support or guidance along the way.

“Creating a supportive and non-intimidating gym environment with a local community atmosphere is why I got started and found my passion with Stepz,” Mr Waller added.

“Being connected to a larger support network is what people end up liking most about Stepz.”

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