The Gym Etiquette Guide

  • The Stepz Fitness Etiquette Guide™ is a way we can communicate and share our vision and passion for fitness in the wider community.

    Our goal is to open up our gyms and make them a more welcoming environment to a broader range of people. We are convinced that the benefits of going to the gym can greatly improve quality of life and wish to invite people from all walks of life to get involved with our friendly, fun and fit community that we are so happy to be facilitating.

    Our gyms are a place for:

    •  Personal discovery and growth
    •  New friendships
    •  Personal and group challenges
    •  Lots of fun and laughs
    •  Friendly competition
    •  Acceptance, understanding, and respectfulness

    The guide is available for free as a PDF file. Click below to get it now.

    Download PDF