Corporate Memberships

  • Imagine a workforce that has more energy, more fun, better relationships, less absenteeism through illness and stress. There are multiple benefits for both your company and your employees for having a corporate fitness program in place.

    • Increase performance, productivity and profitability
    • Reduce illness, absenteeism and sick leave
    • Decrease unproductive hours and concentration loss
    • Increase employee morale and workplace relations
    • Increase self esteem and confidence
    • Decrease staff turn over
    • Increase retention of valuable staff
    • Improve workplace safety
    • Reduce injury, workers compensation claims and health care expenses
    • Assist management of stress
    • Promote resilience
    • Protect against some lifestyle disease

    The employees from the following companies currently qualify for our corporate discounted memberships:

    • RIO – Rio Tinto
    • BOQ – Bank of Queensland
    • QR National – Queensland Rail National

    Inquire now about how you can join under our Corporate Membership discount program. Speak to your nearest gym about a tailored solution for both membership and on site training with a personal & group fitness trainer. Or email us  at: