Sydney Gyms Lockdown Update – Fitness Industry

Sydney Gyms

To our Valued Members, Staff and Community,

Qld and Sydney Gyms In Lockdown

In line with the announcement made by the QLD government, our team are saddened to confirm our doors will remain closed until 4 pm Sunday, 8th August.

Our Sydney gyms have already been closed since the 26th of June.

During this time, our thoughts are with our surrounding community and every gym member. 🧡

Closing our doors is very tough for small businesses. However, you do not have to worry about your membership or payments. We have been working hard behind the scenes to go the extra mile to support you.

In QLD automatically applied a 50% credit to all Direct Debits for the next two weeks and will extend Paid in Advance memberships by one week. Our Sydney Gyms, automatically suspended all payments for the entire 8 week lockdown.

By putting members first we can alleviate stress and we know they will come back to the gym. But it is extremely tough for any business to go without income. We still have expenses to pay and fixed costs. Our Owners and Managers didn’t start a fitness business for themselves. They started to help others. An altruistic approach is shared by everyone at Stepz Fitness.

Keeping Members Fit

You do not have to worry about your memberships as we will support our members through this time. Our members and extended community are why our gym has been around for as long as we have.

We know this next period will be challenging for many Australians, economically, mentally, and physically.

We have already set up our virtual workout studio, which is accessible to you anytime. Use this to help you keep on top of your health and fitness.

These workouts are featured on the KAYO Sports app. So we can guarantee they will keep you fit for the short gym break.

As a team, we will be posting regularly on our social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram, to bring you home workouts ideas, and we will keep you informed on all new developments.

The Wider Fitness Community 

The team at Stepz Fitness is thinking of the wider Gym and Fitness Industry. We know that as an industry we will bounce back stronger. The Lockdown has reinforced how important it is to look after your health and fitness. Not just for the physical benefits but also for your mental wellbeing. We have been reminded of how much we miss the gym and the social community it brings. So please get outside and exercise as much as possible to keep yourself healthy and boost feel-good endorphins.

Hang in there, Spend Time With Family, Remember Why you Started.

Our Regional Gyms Remain Open 

We are happy that Stepz Fitness Lismore and Stepz Fitness Dubbo are still open with COVID Safe restrictions in place.

As always, we appreciate your support,
Your local Owner And Manager
Stepz Fitness

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