What is Stepz Fitness

  • What is Stepz Fitness and how do we stand out?

    Stepz Fitness is the place you’ll goto when you absolutely, positively, have to loose weight and get fit…100% Guaranteed!

    We provide a state of the art fitness facility with 24/7 access and personal training programs that get the results our clients are looking for. You might ask: How can we give that guarantee?

    At Stepz Fitness we are very confident in our training and nutritional programs. We know they’ll deliver the results, every single time, if they are followed. The Stepz Guaranteed Results Coaching Program™ is a success recipe that will give our clients the result their looking for.

    Our Co-Founder, Quang Tran, who started the business with Murray Brass in 2009 said, “Stepz Fitness is not just in the Health and Fitness business, we are in the business of helping people feel better about themselves, by helping them regain their confidence, rebuild their self image, and self esteem. We do this by helping them lose weight, get fitter and stronger which gives our clients more energy and confidence to live their lives they want to.”

    This is what makes Stepz Fitness different to any other 24 hour gym in the market place.

    Are you someone with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for helping clients loose weight, gain more energy and live the life they deserve? If so, you may be right for Stepz Fitness. The question that remains: Is Stepz Fitness right for you?

    Our philosophy


    Stepz Fitness is a place where, when you go there, you know you’re doing something really good for yourself mentally and physically. We’ve designed our clubs to be inviting, fun and motivational, a friendly place where it’s non-intimidating for normal everyday people to exercise.

    We want every member to come away feeling energised after a good work out experience.

    We want everyone to leave Stepz Fitness feeling better than they did when they first walked in. Every Stepz Fitness owner and staff learns about the importance of customer care and greeting everyone with a smile so they leave feeling great with a smile looking and forward to their next return visit.

    “When you take care of your clients and help them achieve their transformation, they will take care of you and your business,” – and that is at the core of Stepz Fitness Unique Selling Proposition.

    Stepz Fitness – when you absolutely, postively have to loose weight and get fit…100% Guaranteed!

  • Stepz Fitness Stands Out

    What makes Stepz Fitness stand out from the crowd is our devotion to our customers’ experience and transformation both mentally and physically.

    What do we mean when we say “customer experience?” For instance, Honda sells motorcycles but Harley Davidson sells a lifestyle. Stepz Fitness is like Harley Davidson. Dunkin Donuts sells coffee. Starbucks serves community and conversation. Stepz Fitness, like Starbucks, sells more than a service.

    Our competition sells gym memberships. While we do provide quality equipped gym facilities, highly trained personal trainers, and more importantly we deliver rewarding results with a great experience. While people may get results at other facilities, our members get a transformational experience that changes the whole way they see their future.

    At Stepz Fitness we’ve designed 10 Unique and Exclusive QuickStart programs™. These programs allow our members to get started straight away towards achieving their health and fitness goals. These programs are downloadable PDF booklets that also come with access to a members only website where all exercises and equipment functions are explained in detailed videos. Using these Programs our personal trainers can coach our clients to achieve the results they’re looking for. This is something quite unique to the Stepz Fitness Training System.

    The ten programs include: The Attention Attractor Program™, The Baby Body Recover Program™, The Cardio Commando Program™, The Career Elevator Program™, The Crusin’ Seniors Program™, The Female Gym Junkie Program™, The Libido Enhancer Program™, The Male Gym Junkie Program™, The Rugby Rucker Program™, and The Sports Person Strengthener Gym Program™.