Stepz Is The Next Big Fitness Brand

  • What Makes Stepz Fitness the Best Fitness Club Franchise?

    The answer is as simple as it is ingenious: Combine a consistently great customer experience with a quality training facility.

    It’s an approach we believe will help launch Stepz Fitness in the Fitness Industry.

    “We get asked all the time how we will be able to grow quickly in such an industry,” says Stepz Fitness Managing Director Quang Tran. “In all industries, there is always room for one brand to be operationally excellent, one who understands its customers better than everyone else. Stepz Fitness is that brand in the Fitness Club category.”

    For Stepz Fitness, changing peoples lives through improving their health and fitness is more than the corporate mission statement; it is its sole reason for being. While Stepz Fitness is equally dedicated to helping franchisees receive an excellent return on investment, we believe a franchisee’s financial success is completely tied to how many members we’ve managed to help. In other words, profitability is not the goal; it’s a byproduct of the value we add to each customer who walks in our door.

    Our Gym Equipment – Technogym and Matrix

    Stepz Fitness ultilises high quality gym equipment to assist our members achieve the best results possible.

    Technogym is one of our preferred gym equipment suppliers. Each Technogym product is developed thanks to the efforts and research of a team of experts involving engineers, technicians and designers.

    Technogym’s Research & Development Team collaborates with prestigious universities and numerous research centres world-wide; it comprises engineers, technicians and designers involved in developing prototypes and testing products.

    Every new product on average requires 20,000 hours of development work and is subjected to strict quality controls and extensive stress tests. 
For example, our treadmills are tested continuously for 40,000 Km at 13 km/h.

    There are 130 engineers and designers, 142 international product patents, 93 registered trademarks and 150,000 hours of development work per year: these are the figures that clearly define the work of Technogym’s Research & Development area.

    These numbers have had a direct impact on the results that Technogym have achieved until now: 50 million people train using their equipment, with 100,000 private facilities and 65,000 professional gyms.