The Stepz Fitness Story

  • If you keep making people feel good and better about themselves, they’ll keep coming back and refer their friends and family too. Stepz Fitness approach results in repeat business but more importantly lots of referrals. We conducts indoor and outdoor fitness programs; fresh, fun, challenging, in motivating surroundings that help people to exercise.

    Stepz Fitness is a fun place for members of nearly all ages to visit and enjoy spending time exercising — to gain energy and connect with the company of others looking to achieve similar goals.

    Indeed, some people will drive miles out of their way for the Stepz Fitness experience, because they know it’s worth their while. Happy members mean profitable franchises, and Stepz Fitness franchises are growing fast in the already-booming Fitness Club industry.

  • An inspiration

    Co-Founder Quang Tran, often refers to Stepz Fitness as “an inspiration.” He and co-founder Murray Brass, first saw the 24 hour gym concept whilst travelling in the United States on holidays.

    Inspired by the innovation to allow more people to gain access to a fitness facility, Quang and Murray reviewed the idea further once they returned to Australia and proceeded to open their first 24/7 gym in Stones Corner, Brisbane.

    In 2009, Quang and Murray opened their first 24/7 gym naming it Stepz Fitness with the aim of helping people get fitter one step at a time.

    Quang and Murray formed a small team that set out to develop more than just a Fitness Club chain.

    “I’ve always been fond of Fitness centres, Quang says. “Fitness Clubs are places you can go to gain more energy, keep fit and hang out with your friends. It’s a place many people go to before work to gain more energy for their day ahead or after work to release their stresses for the day.

    However, in today’s ever increasing busy lifestyle and work commitments many people cannot find the time to attend their clubs due to the restricted times when they are opened.

    Hence, offering a fitness facility that’s always open to members, “just made good sense” Quang says.

    Today, you can find our Stepz Fitness Clubs across South East Queensland, with rapid expansion planned for New South Wales and Victoria.

    Our Mission is to enable people to smile, feel good, to be stronger and more confident, so they can live their dreams . Indeed, when you visit a Stepz Fitness Club, you’ll see our personal trainers helping people transform their lives, feeling better about themselves and enjoying themselves whilst doing it.