How Much Can I Make

  • Stepz Fitness franchisees can earn a great living

    Each franchisee structures their business a bit differently according to their needs. After you fill out the contact form, our Franchise Development Manager will reach out to you and help you determine how Stepz Fitness can help you reach your financial and quality of life goals.

  • How Stepz Fitness Created a Team of Successful Franchisees

    To grow a brand, two things have to happen. First, the business needs to make money. Stepz Fitness could not be growing its franchise if it’s franchisees were not profitable. Stepz Fitness galvanized its franchisee community and inspired them into committed action by creating a purpose-driven business model. Stepz Fitness gives franchisees a compelling reason to wake up ahead of their alarm clock and take on the day.

    Stepz Fitness franchisees are sophisticated, well capitalized and intelligent. They’ve had multiple career and business options. They chose Stepz Fitness because of the value Stepz Fitness adds to the communities it serves.

    The second thing you need to grow a brand is happy franchise owners who enjoy what they do. “Making money is great, but making money by itself isn’t enough,” says Managing Director, Quang Tran. “Why and How you make money is just as important.” Stepz Fitness offers franchisees a strong return on their time and money. But franchisees also want a business they can believe in, something they and their members can both be passionate about.