Franchise Application Form 3

  • General Enquiry by Stepz Fitness

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    Why do you want to buy a Stepz Fitness franchise, and in particular what features
    of this franchise have attracted you?

    How do you intend to fund the purchase of a Stepz Fitness franchise?

    Why do you believe you are suited to operating a Stepz Fitness franchise?

    Have you ever owned or worked in a business similar to the proposed Stepz
    Fitness franchise?

    If yes, please provide details of the business (name, address, telephone):

    Are you prepared to sacrifice holidays to which you may have become accustomeduntil you have established your business and level of training to the satisfaction of Stepz Fitness?

    Why do you want to go into business?

    Are you prepared to comply with the procedures and controls set by Stepz

    How many years do you intend to operate the business?

    Do you appreciate that nobody can predict the future of the business, regardless of the track record of the franchisor?

    Why do you think you will be successful?

    What qualities do you have that you believe are valuable if you became part of
    Stepz Fitness franchise network?

    Will you devote your full time to the business?

    If yes, how many hours per day, days per week?

    If no, please state how you propose to operate the business:

    Do you have the personal capacity to handle business problems if they arise?

    Do you have the support of your family in what you are doing?

    Are members of your family going to be involved in the business from the
    commencement or in cases where the need arises?

    If yes, who are they, and what are their ages, business experience and/or
    academic qualifications?

    What are your main strengths?

    What are your main weaknesses?

    What factors of the past have contributed most to your own development?

    Do you know what a franchise is? Explain:

    Explain the nature of the franchisor/franchisee relationship:

    Are you comfortable with the idea of working in co-operation with Stepz Fitness,
    and do you accept that a number of disciplines exist in a franchise system, in
    particular working under the direction and guidance of the franchisor?

    Do you know that a franchise is only granted for a defined period at the end of
    which the franchisor is not obliged to renew unless there is an express provision
    for renewal in the Franchise Agreement?

    As well as obtaining legal, accounting and financial advice with respect to the
    Franchise Agreement, do you intend to read it yourself?

    Are you aware certain information provided and/or advised to you is confidential
    and shall not be divulged to any third person unless Stepz Fitness gives its prior

    Please advise what representations have been made to you and by whom?

    Do you understand that you must make your own enquiries and get your own
    advice when considering this business opportunity?

    How would you cope with unexpected losses, as the business is building and any
    other setbacks?

    What else do you think we should know about to understand you better and to
    better determine what your association with us could mean?

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