Do I Need Experience?

  • Stepz Fitness Training, Support and Business Model Eliminate the Need for Fitness Club Experience

    You can summarize the Stepz Fitness business model in one word: simple. You don’t have to be a fitness guru or have a university degree to run a Stepz Fitness Club.

    You will receive comprehensive training in all facets of managing and operating your business. You will learn local area marketing strategies, recruitment skills and financial skills required to successful build your business.

    There is approximately 1 week of training in our club and up to 8 weeks of training that can be done at your pace online at home.

    You’ll have access to dozens of easy to watch short videos, backed up with a comprehensive Operations and procedure manual.

    Your most valuable professional assets? Aside from the necessary capital, you will need some people skills, contagious member care mentality and a community orientation.

    What Makes Stepz Fitness Unique

    “Helping people feel better about themselves through health and fitness” is our mission statement and our reason for being. Stop into any of our clubs, and you’ll see why. The energetic club atmosphere, with its modern design and layout and its inviting color scheme, motivates and draws people in to exercise and energize themselves.

    “We are not really in the Fitness business,” says Quang. “From our beginnings, we have always worked hard to create a special member experience that is both fun and allows people of all ages to feel like their years younger.”

    It was all about creating a place where people of all ages could hang out and reconnect with themselves and others. We did not want to target a specific demographic group; we wanted people of all ages to love Stepz Fitness.

    Our fans are loyal. They have a love affair with our brand.