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      • *After having my son I told myself losing weight would be easy and that I would do it soon, a year on and if not only put on more weight and lost all confidence to even leave the house even just to go see friends. I used to go for daily walks thinking I was active so it’s ok but my eating habits went from one healthy meal to something full of carbs or takeaway. It was a never ending battle with me and my food.
        After going through all the photos a friend took from my sons 1st birthday party I sat there and cried because I was so disappointed that my son will see these photos in years to come and see his mum look like this. Things had to change…
        2 months ago I was dragged to this new gym called Stepz down the road from my house. One step in there and the atmosphere was addictive. The staff took the time to get to know me and made me feel comfortable, other members were very friendly and helpful. It wasn’t as scary as I had once thought being a gym virgin haha.
        I began going every single day with my mother-in-law and loved it. And to make it better I got home and didn’t even want to put anything unhealthy in my mouth because I didn’t want to ruin the hardwork I had just done. Hitting the gym by myself which was something I never thought possible become fun, I learnt new workouts and push myself til I left sore. My cooking skills sky-rocketed and began making delicious healthy meals.

        I want my son to understand that it’s not ok to live such an unhealthy lifestyle and blame everything else for being unhappy. I want him to have a happy and healthy mummy, and that’s what I am… I really am happy xx

        Kirsten Webber