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Should I Add Cardio To My Fitness Routine?

Cardio at the gym

Any professional fitness trainer will tell you that combining cardio and strength training along with your workout is the best way to achieve your weight loss goals. Both cardio and strength training exercise play a significant role in the effectiveness of your daily workout. Professional trainers at the local gyms recommend that every individual who works out regularly should complete about 150 or more cardiovascular activities per week for better results. So, if cardio training isn’t part of your workout, you should consider adding it to your workout routine.

Why Is Cardio Training Important?

Good for Your Heat

You could achieve increased heart rate during a cardio workout, which will improve the condition of your heart and lungs. Actually, you’ll be training your heart to pump more blood in fewer beats and your lungs to function effectively with less effort. The improvement you will gain by cardio workout will reduce the risk of chronic heart disease; improve your blood cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. You should aim for about 30-60 minutes at least three days a week to achieve the best results for improving your cardiovascular health.

Improve Your Muscle Mass

Cardio workouts will indeed help improve muscle mass. Of course, you need to do strength training exercises to gain muscle. But, the thirty to sixty minutes you spend on cardio training will help improve your muscle mass. When you combine strength training and cardio workout, you can achieve the best result. By doing both strength and cardio training, you work on your muscles, and then letting them relax several times during the workout will improve the ability to build that toned look. Whether you are working at the 24 hour gym Sydney or at home, try to combine cardio and strength training workouts to achieve your fitness goals.

Burn Fat

Adding 30 minutes cardio sessions to your daily workout will help improve your fat-burning ability. By losing the extra fat, you will get toned muscles and look better.

Boost Your Metabolism

In addition to burning the fat by working out, regular cardio training will boost your metabolism when you work out and even after working out for hours. This, in turn, help burn your fat all day long.

Boost Your Immune System

People who practice cardio training regularly are less likely to fall sick, catch a cold, and other viral sicknesses. In fact, it is believed that aerobic exercises help to boost the immune system to fight off infections effectively.

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About the Author

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